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Why Choose Our Ceramic With Silicone Mug?

May. 09, 2018

The qualified Ceramic With Silicone Mug is made of high-quality china clay under high-temperature conditions and do not contain organic chemicals during the refining process. Therefore, when using ceramic with silicone mug, there is no need to worry about drinking harmful chemicals into the stomach. Harmful substances can be easily dissolved out.

Ceramic With Silicone Mug is resistant to corrosion for a long time and have relatively good thermal insulation. The surface of the inner wall of the ceramic with silicone mug is smooth, bacteria and dirt are not easy to breed in the cup wall; in cleaning, the ceramic with silicone mug also has an absolute advantage. Under normal circumstances, the tea stains in the cup can be cleaned with toothpaste or salt, and the stubborn stains are encountered. Scrubbing citrus skin is both environmentally friendly and harmless.The silicone sleeve can provide perfect thermal insulation.

Another housing of Ceramic With Steel Mug is made of steel, which is a protective feature, insulated and unbreakable. Welcme to contact us!

Ceramic With Silicone Mug

Jim Branda