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Is drinking Alu. Water Bottle harmful to your body?

May. 16, 2018

Aluminum is now one of the metal pollution of the human body. Although the United Nations has called for the use of aluminum utensils and cans. The human body cannot absorb too much aluminum and thus deposits in the brain, but it causes senile dementia.

If you just use Alu. Water Bottle to drink water, you won't be fussed. First, aluminum doesn't respond to water and it doesn't dissolve in water. In the air, aluminum will form a dense alumina that adheres to the aluminum surface. If not, you can eat the cup. , Let aluminum and stomach acid react, use it to drink water will not cause the intake of aluminum ions. Of course, try to avoid carbonated beverages in your Alu. water bottle so that carbonic acid reacts with aluminum (to be exact, aluminum oxide) to form aluminum carbonate, which then breaks down into aluminum hydroxide. If you drink it, it can cause aluminum deposits. But to say that aluminum hydroxide is not toxic, and some of the medicines for treating hyperacidity are aluminum hydroxide, so no fuss.

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Alu. Water Bottle

Jim Branda