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The Secret of A Single Wall Coffee Mug

May. 04, 2018

Most people drink coffee, but few people know how to drink coffee and the use of coffee cups. Some people drink coffee just to refresh themselves, some people drink coffee or even quench their thirst. Tea has tea ceremony, coffee also has coffee etiquette, busy work idle, a cup of coffee, a newspaper, just imagine what you know it is pleasant.

Coffee should be hot to drink, and our Single Wall Coffee Mug can release high concentrations of negative ions, which will cause electrolytes to act on the water, produce negatively charged hydroxyl ions, make small molecules in the water smaller, and enhance the water Solubility and penetration. Therefore, single wall coffee mugs are not the same as ordinary cups.

Single Wall Coffee Mug has beautiful appearance, easy to use, dense texture, dense texture of the cup, the raw material particles are fine, the resulting cup surface is tight and the pores are small, so it is not easy to make the coffee scale adhere to the cup surface.

For the cleaning of SS Coffee Mug, the advantage of SS coffee mug is that it is easy to clean and not easy to corrode, but it must be avoided with hard brushes and alkaline detergents.

If you are interested in our SS coffee mug, welcome to contact us.

Single Wall Coffee Mug

Jim Branda