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How Should We Choose Stainless Steel Bottle?

Feb. 07, 2018

Bottle has become one of the essential items in travel mugs. Nowadays, the stainless steel mugs is more and more the darling of people, but the variety of stainless steel bottle on the market is quite different, the prices are different, but for the consumers’ choosing, they often do not know the difference. Maybe they paid more money but did not buy high quality products. So how can we buy high-quality stainless steel mug?

The selection of stainless steel travel mug can be summarized as four:

First, look at the appearance. We choose high-quality mugs, we should see stainless steel vacuum flask whether there is bumps and scratches, the outer surface of the liner and the liner polishing are uniform.

Second, see the mouth welding. Mouth welding is about feeling comfortable when drinking water. So you have to carefully observe the mouth welding is smooth and consistent.

Third, look at plastic parts. The quality of plastic parts is directly related to the life of a thermos bottle, but also affect the health of drinking water.

Fourth, see the seal. Seal refers to the tightness of the internal seal, whether the screw plug and the bottle with the right, the screw into the spin out, leakage or not.

Fifth, look at the insulation performance. In the selection of stainless steel mug when we can not go to check in accordance with the standards,  you can feel it by hand. The mug full of hot water within two minutes after the hand touch the bottom of the bottle, if it is sure that the insulation is always cool, it has good insulation performance.

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Jim Branda