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Choose The Right Plastic Mug

May. 23, 2018

At the bottom of Plastic Mug there will be 7 numbers representing

1: PET material, low heat-resistant temperature, mineral water bottles generally use this material, can not be reused

2, 4: High-low pressure polyethylene, relatively safe, but the heat-resistant temperature is low, can not hold hot water

3: PVC, 100% containing plasticizer, which is plasticizer, is strongly not recommended

5:PP, also known as polypropylene, is recommended for use. Many lunch boxes, baby bottles use this material, and the temperature is about 120°C.

6: PS, polystyrene, a very brittle material, easy to crack, poor solvent resistance, high temperature easily decomposed benzene

7: Generally refers to PC material, that is, polycarbonate. This material has excellent transparency, excellent toughness, and excellent resistance to high and low temperatures.

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Jim Branda