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5 principles of choosing plastic water bottle

Sep. 18, 2017

Plastic water bottle due to its characteristics of varied shapes, bright colors, not afraid to beat, by many people, very suitable for outdoor users and office workers to use. So, how to choose high-quality plastic bottle?

1, look at the material. The bottom of a regular plastic bottle has a triangle with an arrow with a number inside it that indicates the component.

2, look at the transparency. Is the bottle wall transparent and pure?

3, smell. There is a pungent smell of inferior goods.

4, look at hardness. A good plastic mug is solid and of good hardness. It will not deform excessively when it is pressed inwards by hand.

5, look at the shine. A good plastic mug has a shiny surface, a soft surface, and a bad surface.

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Jim Branda