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Introduction of Double Wall SS Travel Mug

Jun. 15, 2018

Comparable to our high selection, this Double Wall SS Travel Mug can keep your drinks cold or hot depending on how you take your coffee daily. The tapered design of the 20-ounce tumbler means it's going to fit in almost any size of cup holder, and also the clear acrylic lid makes it effortless to determine precisely how much of the beverage you've left.

This SS Coffee Mug outshines our best pick in the period of time, it is going to keep your beverage's temperature. It'll keep ice frozen for up to 24 hours, along with warm drinks hot for"even more" (although no specifics are given on precisely how long).

While similar in cost to the Contigo version too, the 1 drawback with this particular version is that in the event that you desire a really splash-proof lid, then you are going to need to purchase it separately. The included lid does not fully shut, nor does it possess a rubber gasket. Therefore, if you are just taking your bottle from your house to your vehicle and then for your workplace, you may be fine, but for anybody with a bus or train commute, you're going to want to put money into the lid which is going to be more inclined to prevent clogs. Just make certain to hand wash Stainless Steel Bottle China to prolong its lifespan.

Double Wall SS Travel Mug

Jim Branda